Forthcoming Lectures

Weds 27 March 2024

BARRY REYNOLDS & ANDY THOMAS – Rediscovering Crop Circles

Crop circles continue to intrigue, attract and polarise all in equal measure … but still they continue to appear and the recent unearthing of much previously unpublished material promises to reveal some exciting new layers…

This evening will be presented by renowned circle researcher Barry Reynolds and Andy Thomas. As part of the presentation, Andy will be taking people through ALL of the stunning crop formations of 2023, to get us ready for what we might receive this summer and to demonstrate that, whatever the ultimate cause, many of these patterns remain unexplained and continue to challenge entrenched beliefs in striking ways.

This will be accompanied by news of significant developments in the rediscovery of important crop circle information. Barry explains: “During the 1990s, before the advent of the internet as we know it today, an enormous amount of crop circle research was undertaken. That research was largely paper-based and in many instances has never seen the light of day. So, Andy and I have embarked on what we believe will be a two-year journey to digitise and make available as much of this long-hidden treasure trove as we can. This is being made possible due to the willingness of many veteran crop circle researchers to make their personal hard copy records available for scanning into the main digital archive. This work is now under way and is already revealing some fascinating and hitherto unseen findings about the circle phenomenon. I will give an overview into some of the profound insights now surfacing and where this may eventually lead us…”

Andy Thomas & Barry Reynolds

Andy Thomas (left) is a renowned researcher, author and lecturer on conspiracies and the paranormal, and he has written several well-known books on crop circles – see Barry Reynolds (right) is a long-time crop circle researcher and IT specialist and was archivist for the Centre for Crop Circle Studies in the 1990s; he was also co-founder with Andy of what would eventually become Changing Times.

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