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Tues 18 June 2024

RICHARD VOBES – It’s Up To Us: Taking Back Responsibility

Star of YouTube and champion of free expression, presenter, campaigner, one-time ‘Bald Explorer’ and skilled entertainer Richard Vobes comes to Changing Times to share his unique view of British life and why we need to fight for its integrity …

Richard says: “Those who have seen my YouTube videos will know that I am on a mission to give voice to sidelined issues and people who challenge enforced orthodoxies and stand up for free expression in several important areas but who are not heard out in the mainstream.”

“I fell in love with this country, its landscape, history, culture and nature when a small lad playing over the abandoned fields of a deserted Sussex farm at the back of my edge-of-town modern 1960s house. One day, a film crew visited the farm, shooting a crazy stunt promotion movie, setting old barns alight and sending plain-clothes policemen clambering across dangerous poorly tiled cowshed rooftops with fake guns and explosions. I was hooked, and became a film maker and, eventually, a YouTube presenter.”

“Each of my talks talk is different. This time I am likely to concentrate on food as being important, as well as pushing back against the tyranny from government and taking back as much responsibility for ourselves, hence the title of the talk!”

Richard Vobes

Richard Vobes is an entertainer and film maker. He trained in mime in the mid 1980s, touring the UK with his one man mime show. He wrote, produced and starred in a children’s television show, Snug and Cozi, on ITV in the 1990s and became the fourth UK podcaster in 2005, winning an award for his daily 30 minutes entertainment show. With a fascination for all things English, he created the ‘Bald Explorer’ series of TV documentaries, aired on the Community Channel and, later, YouTube. He now runs a successful YouTube channel “commenting on the unfathomable state of the country, and beyond”.

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