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Changing Times lectures exist to look beneath the surface of many important but neglected areas, to help keep the spirit of enquiry and freedom of expression alive in what many consider are crucial times of growing conscious global awareness.

Changing Times has been running since 1991, when it began its life as a branch of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies, before then becoming the independent Southern Circular Research. From the start, the group’s public lectures covered many varied subjects, and the increasing range of areas led to another name change in 2006, to Changing Times.

Most lectures are currently held at our Burgess Hill venue in West Sussex (see Venue Directions), but special events are occasionally held elsewhere, and between 2006-2009 Changing Times ran a series of presentations in Lewes, East Sussex, at the popular All Saints Centre.

Hundreds of fascinating and informed speakers have passed through Changing Times over the years, and the group has welcomed and/or introduced many now well-known names from the world of alternative research, including Ian R Crane and Geoff Stray, both of whom gave their first-ever lectures here. More mainstream names have included human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell and the MP Norman Baker. Changing Times is, however, firmly politically and religiously unbiased in its content and seekers from all spectrums are welcome.

Changing Times was co-founded by renowned mysteries researcher and author Andy Thomas, who introduces the lectures. Andy’s own work has been much acclaimed and more information on his activities can be found at his website:


Andy is aided at Changing Times by his wife, respected psychological astrologer Helen Sewell. Find out more about Helen’s work at her website:


Andy and Helen are also involved in the Glastonbury Symposium, an annual three-day conference in Somerset; the UK’s longest-running alternative event:


In November 2016, Changing Times celebrated its 25th anniversary. Pictured here with organiser Andy Thomas (right) is Barry Reynolds, who first brought together the group which would become Changing Times!


Unexplained Mysteries: Pyramids
We explore ancient mysteries…
A Crop Circle
and modern
We also discuss environmental issues...
We also discuss environmental issues…
and new frontiers of science.
and new frontiers of science
We also discuss geopolitics and conspiracies...
…and geopolitics and conspiracies
Andy Thomas & Helen Sewell
Organisers Andy Thomas & Helen Sewell